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As a Pessimist, I’m a Glass-Half-Full Kind of Guy

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Talking with a buddy at work today about ObamaCare, I realized I am not really the pessimist I sometimes make myself out to be.  I really want to believe it’s possible to get this thing repealed.  I really want to believe it’s possible to get it overturned in the courts as the egregious affront to the text of the Constitution that it is.  My friend, however, recites the fact that we have never overturned an entitlement program in our nation’s history.  That once folks start receiving their new entitlements, they will become vested rights, owed to them for the rest of their lives, and impossible to rescind—the same problem as with exorbitant public employee pensions.  That even if conservatives can overtake Congress this November, Obama would smugly veto any repeal that they might pass.

Intellectually, I’m a pessimist.  But like Fox Mulder, I want to believe.  It’s like every year how I swear off the Angels, who have disappointed me since I was a kid (except when they sneaked up on everyone in ’02).  I just don’t need the heartache.  And yet last year, I got caught up in the playoffs, and then found myself screaming at the bad umpiring and the Yankees generally through my television.

On balance, I think it’s a better way to be.  Understand in your head that the odds are against you.  But go right on acting as if you expect a victory.


Written by Tim Kowal

March 22, 2010 at 8:05 pm

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