Notes From Babel

Tim Kowal

I started this blog in November 2008.  In the short time since then, the content has evolved from something on the order of musings to a mix of legal and policy analysis, moral and philosophical pontifications, and, in weaker moments, political punditry.

My interests in politics and political philosophy are largely organized around a theme of declension—the gradual decay and decline of a people.  This is what the title of this blog is meant to suggest, in fact.  That, and my affection for Dostoyevsky’s Notes From Underground.  My general view is that we are have gone well beyond the original general purposes the American political project was designed to serve, having lost the sense of duty to God and man to account for the legitimacy of our grand new endeavors.  Of all the contraptions man has the propensity for contrapting, our system of law is the greatest and most dangerous.  And like any other human endeavor, man continues to tinker with the system of laws inherited from his forebears not because they need tinkering, but because he is a tinkerer.

You can check out my scholarly work at my SSRN page.

I practice law in Irvine, California.  My wife and I live in Long Beach Huntington Beach.

I still try to get out and play drums with some friends when I can pull away. You can check out some of that music here and here.


Written by Tim Kowal

November 20, 2008 at 6:19 pm