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Jerry Brown: Admitted Deceiver

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One of Jerry Brown’s recent lies concerns his attempt to pull attention away from his record on judicial appointments as former governor.  Recall that in 1978, voters removed 17 California judges, 8 of which were Brown appointees within just the prior 3½ years.  By 1982, Brown had re-appointed 8 of the removed judges.  Then, in 1987, three of his Supreme Court appointments—Chief Justice Rose Bird, and Justices Cruz Reynoso and Joseph Grodin—were the first three California appellate justices ever to be removed from office in a recall election.  Many of his other judicial appointments were criticized for using illegal drugs, using prostitution services, and engaging in the pornography business, among other things.  One judge was held in contempt of court for refusing to comply with an order to make his child support payments.  Many of these judges were cronies of Brown.

In his current political effort at damage control concerning his abysmal judicial appointments, Brown has disowned them, suggesting he was unaware of their ideologies, or that he was somehow duped. He remarked in a recent debate: “As far as appointing judges, Dwight Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren, the most liberal justice in all of history, and he certainly didn’t expect that.” Yet, in 1982, Brown proclaimed that “the most important thing you do as governor is the judges you appoint. I’m proud of every one of them.”

There are four California Supreme Court justices right around the age of 70.  Jerry Brown will likely have more than just a four year term to leave his stamp on California policy if permitted to appoint more awful Supreme Court justices.


Written by Tim Kowal

October 25, 2010 at 9:55 pm

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  1. Dear Mr. Kowal,

    Lord, yes, he’s a dirty, low-down scoundrel. That is to be expected from a governor of California (or, at least, that has been my recollection of them) but these two political options really do stand out, don’t they? I’m enthusiastically unenthusiastic about voting for either Jerry or Meg. It’s not even a choice for the lesser of two evils, but rather like choosing a knife in the front or a knife in the back.

    My big political statement this year came to my door in the form of a UPS box filled with red sponge clown noses, which I have been passing out to my friends and neighbors in preparation for voting day. Melodramatic and juvenile, I know, but not as silly as I would feel standing in line to vote amidst people who really trust and believe in either of these candidates.

    Sad, sad, sad. And just when I felt I might be growing out of that phase, too.

    Cheers, Sir!



    October 26, 2010 at 11:30 am

  2. […] Watch Jerry Brown closely when it comes to appointments, particularly judicial nominees. […]

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