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Thom Hartmann has been preaching there are just not enough resources to sustainably support the number of humans on this planet:

if all six billion people on the planet lived even at the US. poverty level of $16,000 for a family of four, we would still need four planet Earths to provide the necessary raw materials for them. It is simply not possible.

If you’re going to be the brand of environmentalist like Hartmann who wants to see humanity move closer to some pre-civilized, betrothed-to-nature status, wouldn’t this also imply a rejection of modern medicine? A cease-and-desist of efforts—if not a deliberate reversal of efforts—to increase life-expectancies? And if “equality” of medical care is the modern moral imperative placed on progressive man, then what does equalized health care look like spread evenly across 6 billion humans?

Truly “universal” health care is a pipe dream, unless you’re talking about universally crummy care.

Written by Tim Kowal

July 24, 2010 at 10:18 pm

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