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For Obama, “No” Doesn’t Mean “No”

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Obama’s out campaigning again trying to gin up support, after the fact, for Obamacare.  Here’s the salient excerpt:

Every single day since I signed reform into law, there’s another poll or headline that says ‘Nation still divided on health reform! Polls haven’t changed yet!  Well, yeah. It just happened last week. It’s only been a week!
Can you imagine if some of these reporters were working on a farm, and you planted some seeds, and they came out the next day and they looked and said, ‘Nothing’s happened. There’s no crop! We’re going to starve! Oh, no! It’s a disaster!

It’s been a week, folks. So before we find out if people like health care reform, we should wait to see what happens when we actually put it into place.

There are a couple of serious problems with Obama’s remarks here.  First, he ignores the plain fact that he foisted health reform on the American people against their will.  He acknowledged that the political ramifications were probably not good, but that he knew pushing through reform, any reform, was “right.”  Second, he ignores the fact that, even in the short time since he signed the reforms, American companies have been reporting enormous forecasted losses.  Thus, when Obama suggests that we just need to “wait to see what happens when we actually put it into place,” it appears he what he really means is, let’s wait and see if Henry Waxman and his posse get these companies to cook their books so the American people aren’t tipped off quite so soon about the economic havoc these new laws are going to wreak.

For my part, the most irksome thing about Obama’s speech here is the underlying smarminess of his whole endeavor.  Again, he knows the majority of the country didn’t want this reform, and knows it’s going to hurt our economy.  Yet he still believes he will come out on the other end as some kind of American hero for one basic reason:  once the entitlements start flowing, once the American way of life molds around the new policies he’s pushed through, the public sentiment will slowly but surely gravitate against the repeal.  That is, he’s counting on the same thing that’s happened with every other entitlement program in American history.  Even though they’re odious in principle, even American’s won’t turn down free money.

In other words, what Obama’s telling us is, wait till you get a taste of what’s coming, then just try and tell me you don’t want more.

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Written by Tim Kowal

April 2, 2010 at 11:56 pm

Posted in Politics

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  1. Actually, the majority wanted reform including a public option. And more people are happy this bill passed than are against it passing.

    Ben Hoffman

    April 3, 2010 at 12:46 am

  2. Polls say otherwise.

    As of February 25, 2010, only 42% favored, while 47% opposed, the public option.

    As of March 19-20, 2010, only 41% favored, while a whopping 54% opposed, Obamacare.

    As of yesterday, April 2, 2010, CBS News reported that only 32% approved, while 54% disapproved, of Obamacare.

    What Obamacare’s religious supporters have suggested is that, at least at one point in time in the past two years, the majority of Americans have wanted some kind of health reform or other, and this must mean it ought to pass even thought the majority had by then had a chance to look at the evidence and think better of it. Al Sharpton said that people voted for PPACA when they elected Obama. These are not intellectually serious justifications for the Dems’ anti-democratic vote for this legislation.

    Tim Kowal

    April 3, 2010 at 8:24 am

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