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I rarely use this blog to vent, but it’s an outlet I now feel the need to use as the inevitable looms near on the federal government health care takeover.

I know some baby boomers who are in favor of ObamaCare because, well, because they are baby boomers: God bless them (after all, folks whom I respect, like my parents, rank among them), but they got theirs.  They lived high on the hog of American greatness following WWII, before the regulatory state clamped down as tight as it has on us Gen-X’ers and Gen-Y’ers; before city planners and the green squad roped off America’s open spaces and told us “you can’t build here”; before bright-eyed bubble-pushing economists gave us stock bubbles and tech bubbles and housing bubbles; before the trustees of our tax dollars opened the floodgates of bank bailouts and safety nets; and before government experimenters rendered our economy utterly indecipherable.

I generally don’t take politics personally, but ObamaCare is really hitting me at my most vulnerable.  I’m in between the “safety net” underclass and the “I got mine” upper class.  It appears that ObamaCare will cost well over $200 billion a year.  That money’s gotta come from somewhere, and I put exactly as much stock in Obama’s “not one dime” more taxes promise as I do his openness promise, his rendition reform promise, his signing statement promise, his fiscal responsibility promise, his “no pork” promise, etc.

So what am I left with?  I am lucky enough to have a good job that pays a salary that, in any other time, would be plenty to get me started toward buying a home, starting a family, and socking away for retirement. But the economy tanked just before my wife got her master’s degree, and she’s been unable to work her “back up” job as a substitute teacher since schools have cut their budgets as they are forced to pay ballooning pensions.  The government is doing its best to keep housing prices artificially inflated, and California’s dysfunctional legislature just increased this state’s lead as the highest taxed state in the union.   Making things worse, we live in LA county, where voters just voluntarily voted themselves another cent sales tax increase toward a new rail boondoggle.

Someone close to me is getting a slightly different treatment, as he’s currently undergoing an audit by the IRS.  Apparently, when he was working construction a few years back, he goofed and believed he could deduct the miles to and from work sites.  He’s now looking at having to take out a loan to pay back-taxes.  Meanwhile, his mother-in-law continues to collect welfare for what’s going on something like over ten years, despite getting “married” two years ago to an employed fellow.  They were careful not to actually document their little sham ceremony, in order that she could continue to collect from us suckers who actually pay taxes.

So there I am:  those who make less money want to take mine from me, and the Progressivist demagogues who’ve already got theirs want to help them do it.  I can now say that I know the feeling to suffer as a minority the humiliating privation of my God-given rights from a rapacious and pitiless majority.

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Written by Tim Kowal

March 21, 2010 at 7:57 pm

Posted in Health Care

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  1. For about a year I’ve been griping to those close to me about how the baby boomers have sold our generation out. Legislation is geared towards maintaining their cushy station in life at the detriment of the next generation.
    With lifespans expanding, it’s only going to get worse. I predict that we will see baby boomers controlling legislation until we are passed retirement age (which, of course, by then will be significantly older than it is now).


    March 21, 2010 at 9:06 pm

  2. Right?? Why is it that children and seniors share the same politics?

    Tim Kowal

    March 21, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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