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I stumbled across this invective against the notion that it might be tough to pull up the ladder on polygamy once same-sex marriage is achieved.  He calls polygamy “degrading,” its participants “seriously brainwashed,” “corrupt,” “disgraceful,” and “absurd.”  He ends his piece with this wonderfully ironic morsel:

The day that society decides to accept lust and multiple partners or spouses through the polygamist lifestyle is the day that I leave my society.

Traditional marriage proponents, it would seem, aren’t the only ones who jealously guard their cultural beliefs.

William Saletan had this to say in a piece on Slate back in 2006:

[Quoting Charles Krauthammer:] “on what grounds do they insist upon the traditional, arbitrary and exclusionary number of two?”

Here’s the answer. The number isn’t two. It’s one. You commit to one person, and that person commits wholly to you. Second, the number isn’t arbitrary. It’s based on human nature.

Ah, yes, human nature. That sounds nothing like the argument for traditional marriage.

Written by Tim Kowal

December 13, 2009 at 11:11 am

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