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Will Government Health Care Be the Dinner Guest Who Never Leaves? One Liberal Thinks So

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This right left(!)-wing nut thinks there’s a vast left-wing conspiracy behind the public option.

Mr. Cassidy is more honest than the politicians whose dishonesty he supports. “The U.S. government is making a costly and open-ended commitment,” he writes. “Let’s not pretend that it isn’t a big deal, or that it will be self-financing, or that it will work out exactly as planned. It won’t. What is really unfolding, I suspect, is the scenario that many conservatives feared. The Obama Administration . . . is creating a new entitlement program, which, once established, will be virtually impossible to rescind.”

Why are they doing it? Because, according to Mr. Cassidy, ObamaCare serves the twin goals of “making the United States a more equitable country” and furthering the Democrats’ “political calculus.” In other words, the purpose is to further redistribute income by putting health care further under government control, and in the process making the middle class more dependent on government. As the party of government, Democrats will benefit over the long run.

Kind, caring, benevolent big-government politicians?  You don’t say.

Written by Tim Kowal

November 15, 2009 at 11:06 am

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  1. […] our legislators—even despite us—push ahead with this huge entitlement program that will almost certainly be impossible to rescind, is there any logical stopping point before we vote ourselves an “inheritance […]

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