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Bill Maher’s Push to Abolish States and the Senate

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I try to watch Bill Maher’s show every week, simply because he’s so honest about the liberal position.  During last week’s show with Thomas Friedman and (sigh) Janine Garafolo, Maher revealed two more doozies about his ideology:

(1) that the states are too slow to be useful as our laboratories, and the federal government should just lead the way when it comes to environmental regulation (he noted that waiting until 2016 for sea change was unacceptable—global warming is proved by the fires in California, dontcha know, and we should be able to push economy-transforming regulations in less than a year’s time, i.e., before the fire fighters extinguish our “proof”); and

(2) that the senate should just be abolished because it allows less populous states to foul up the progressives’ Great Society plot.

He also had on his buddy Richard Dawkins, who is similarly honest about his proof for the non-existence of God, which is, belief in God is ridiculous.  Q.E.D.  Recited in a British accent, believe me, it’s powerful stuff.


Written by Tim Kowal

October 11, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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