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On Putting Toothpaste Back in its Tube

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Ezra Klein, on behalf of President Obama, is trying admirably to herd cats and horses back into their bags and barns now that Americans are cluing in to the fact that health care reform is really phase one in a master plan to bring about a single-payer health care system:

Barack Obama was in Montana today for a town hall on health care. I’ve pasted his remarks below the fold. They’re most interesting for what’s not in them. The word “cost” never appears. Nor does “curve.” The word “insurance” appears 36 times, as in “insurance companies will no longer be able to cancel your coverage because you get sick.” Moreover, the president isn’t selling “health-care reform.” He’s selling “health-insurance reform.”

Nice try:

movements rarely just disband after a victory.  Successful movements often have paid staff who are enthusiastic about pushing for further action, and unenthusiastic about losing their jobs.  They have experience at swaying swing voters.  They have an organizational structure, media contacts, and volunteers and contributors.  It seems likely that they will choose some new proposal to back.

And this excerpt from Paul Begala, also from Prof. Bainbridge’s recent post:

FDR’s Social Security Act did not have benefits for dependents or survivors. It did not have a cost-of-living increase. If you became disabled and couldn’t work, you got nothing from Social Security.

If that version of Social Security were introduced today, progressives like me would call it cramped, parsimonious, mean-spirited and even racist. Perhaps it was all those things. But it was also a start. And for 74 years we have built on that start. We added more people to the winner’s circle: farmworkers and domestic workers and government workers. We extended benefits to the children of working men and women who died. We granted benefits to the disabled. We mandated annual cost-of-living adjustments. And today Social Security is the bedrock of our progressive vision of the common good.

Health care may follow that same trajectory.

And here’s the video compilation detailing the progressives’ trojan horse plan to get to single-payer:


Written by Tim Kowal

August 15, 2009 at 12:15 am

Posted in Health Care, Politics

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