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The Booming (Public) Service Industry

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John Derbyshire shares the details of a few of New York’s 1,325 six-figure pension recipients:

• James Hunderfund, an employee of Commack school district, will retire September 1 with a monthly pension of $26,353.75. (Nothing hunderfunded about his pension plan, ho ho.)

• Richard Brande of Brookhaven-Comsewogue will also be heading for the golf course September 1 with a monthly pension of $24,222.43.

• William Brosnan cleans out his desk at Northport-East Northport July 1, and for the rest of his life will trouser a monthly pension of $19,058.80.

No offense to these guys — well, not much offense — but they are small-town education bureaucrats. Not only will they be getting annual pensions in the quarter-million-dollar range for the rest of their naturals, they are getting these numbers by law. If New York State’s pension-fund managers goof on the investments, or the market craters, we taxpayers have to make up the difference.

It’s not just edbiz either, though of course edbiz exhibits the greatest outrages. (Can’t we please just GET RID OF PUBLIC EDUCATION?) Local-gummint seat-warmers are on the same gravy train.

• Dvorah Balsam of Nassau [County] Health Care Corp., annual pension $191,380.32

• Stanley Klimberg of Long Island Power Authority: $191,380.32.

• Gerald Shaftan, Nassau Health Care Corp. again, $181,457.76.

These folk are all, as no doubt they would be proud to tell you, “public servants.” The idea behind that phrase is that they are like butlers or housemaids, placing themselves willingly at the beck and call of us, the sovereign public. So how come we, the sov. pub., spend our twilight years clipping coupons in rusting trailers in the Ozarks while our servants enjoy the beach condo in Maui?

From the looks of it, CEO’s and public servants might soon be passing each other in their government-controlled compensation elevator ride.


Written by Tim Kowal

June 20, 2009 at 6:37 am

Posted in Politics, Rants

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